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img_7It’s not uncommon for an individual to put their trust in a company. Be it for a product a service, we all want to believe that we’re getting a fair return on our hard earned money. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Many companies big and small have wittingly or unwittingly let their investors or consumers down. Sometimes the losses are minor, like lost money on products that simply didn’t work as advertised. In other cases, the losses have been devastating or irreplaceable. Large amounts of money lost in aspiring companies or loves lost to experimental medications. Luckily, there are ways to recover some if not all of what you lost. can get you a cash advance while your case is pending. It's your cash. Get it when you need it. Why wait for money later? Contact us a for a quote today!

Class Action Lawsuits occur when a large amount of people invested in the same thing and were all wronged. For example, a birth control medication that was released a few years back was properly cleared by the FDA. It showed no immediate signs of danger and seemed to work quite well. As time passed, side effects started to take more power than initially thought. Many users began experiencing strokes and pulmonary issues. Users of the drug have since taken to court for class action lawsuits. Situations that prompts class action lawsuits are

  • Defective Cars
  • Defective Airplanes
  • Defective Medical Equipment
  • Dangerous Medications
  • Defective Electronics
  • Unaddressed Environmental Hazards
  • Companies Committing Financial Scams
  • Defective / Dangerous Toys and Games
  • Defective Baby Equipment

Whether or not a class action lawsuit will be successful depends on many factors. The most notorious example of a successful class action lawsuit is the Enron scandal. Enron was an American energy company that used carefully planned accounting tricks to defraud their shareholders. After their company went bankrupt, former employees and shareholders filed a class action lawsuit. Eventually, they won the case and it resulted in a settlement of over $7.2 billion dollars. Though the case was successful in the end, The it lasted about seven years. Class action lawsuits can be a very complicated, lengthy process. Even after finding the help you need and establishing your case, it could be long before you see any financial results. Meanwhile, medical bills and legal costs may be piling up and causing stress. can get you a cash advance while your case in pending. It's your cash get it when you need it. Why wait for money later? Contact us a for a quote today!

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